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Member Update

With Deepest Regrets We Announce the
Passing Of
Retired EMT
Jose " Joe " Montalvo
Station 50 Outpost- Bronx

Thursday January 19, 2017
Public Viewing 5:00pm- 6:30pm
Christian Service 6:30pm

Final Viewing Friday January 20, 2017

Crossroads Tabernacle
1320 Castle Hill Ave
Bronx, NY I 0462

Burial to be held at Woodlawn Cemetery

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Station 8 is requesting members to step up for Station coverage on Tour 3 on Monday, January 9, 2017 to allow members to attend an MOS family member's funeral.

If you are available please contact Station 8 at (212) 213-4069.

In Solidarity,

Joe Conzo

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President's Report

January 4, 2017

Legislation: The Next few months will be very active for our Union in Albany. We have several bills, which are awaiting bill numbers so they can continue to be processed. Our Tier 6 legislation, which is focused to reduce Tier 6 member’s contribution rates to mirror, the contributions made by our Tier 4 members. Our Fire Inspectors 25 and Out Pension Bill, which did not get a Home Rule message from our City Council last year. Our Chapter 96 Refund Bill. Our latest legislative bill that was drafted with the help of its sponsor Senator Martin Golden (NYCERS Bill) will address the many problems with NYCERS process and denials of W.T.C Disability claims and non-W.T.C claims. As soon as these bills receive a number, they will be forwarded to the appropriate committees in Albany and the New York City Actuary Office if needed. We will keep you advised.

Alternative Work Schedules: Our 12 Hour Tour pilot program has been in place for about three and a half months. We have not heard of any negative feedback from management on its operational impact in the everyday services we provide in our 911 system. Unfortunately we have had many issues with payroll adapting to our 12-hour tours due to system programming and city time. We have been working with payroll at the Fire Department, Office of Payroll Administration and Office of Labor Relations to correct and avoid these issues moving forward. We have been able to correct many of these issues. If any issue should arise, please contact us expeditiously so they may be addressed without delay.

Many members participating in the 12 Hour Tour Pilot Program have shared positive feedback with the Union. Many members at non-participating work locations have shared interest in participating in the near future. We will be discussing its possible expansion to other work locations after the New Year. We will advise.

New Tours: Our EMS system will receive 50 tours in January, which were budgeted for in the City’s last budget. This is due to our advocacy at City Council hearings. The only true way to bring down response times is more ambulances and FDNY-EMS members. Thirty-six tours will go to the borough of Queens and fourteen to the Bronx. The renovated facility where the old station 50 was, will absorb many of these tours in Queens.

Bureau of Fire Protection: Congratulations to the 35 Fire Prevention Inspectors who were promoted on November 30, 2016.

In Solidarity;

Israel Miranda

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Vice President's Report


January 4, 2017

Let me start off by welcoming everybody back from the Holiday Season and wish everyone a Happy New Year.

Member Contact Information: All too often members move, change contact information and forget to contact their station, the Fire Department and the Local. Members are reminded that they must update their contact information immediately when it changes. Members are to update their address, home phone, cell phone and next of kin. At the station level, make sure your calendar card is updated. Log on to ESS and add / subtract dependents, next of kin and beneficiaries. Members are also to contact Membership Records at DC 37 and do the same.

Off  Duty Arrests: Members are reminded that they must make notifications to the Department if they are arrested for any reason off duty. This includes desk appearance tickets. Members should contact their stations and BITS when this occurs. Most of the time the department will wait until your outside case is processed before making any decisions concerning employment. So please, make the notifications.

On The Job Injury: Often members are injured on this job and do not heed to the notion of filling out a comp package. I don’t care how minor your injury might seem, fill out a comp package. Minor injuries today can and have turned into huge career threatening injuries.

Constant Contact: Members are encouraged to go to the locals website at and sign up to receive direct emails from the local about member updates, president reports, vice president reports and reports from the board.  It’s very simple and best of all it’s Free!


Joseph Conzo

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Member Update

Subject: Leave to Express Breast Milk Policy

Section 206c. Right of Nursing Mothers to Express Breast Milk

An employer shall provide reasonable unpaid break time to allow an employee to express breast milk for her nursing child for up to three years following childbirth. The employer shall make reasonable efforts to provide a room or other locations in close proximity to the work area where an employee can express milk in privacy.

Members wishing to utilize leave to express milk should contact Human Resources at the Bureau and obtain a form for leave to express breast milk. The completed form should be submitted to the Leave Unit, Bureau of Human Resources as soon as practical, but no later then three days before they plan to begin.

Members working on an ambulance who have been approved to express milk during their tour shall advise the dispatcher of their need to express by telephone and indicate the station they are reporting to. The dispatcher shall place the unit off service immediately into an off service / express assignment.

Station officers shall ensure the member has access to a designated private location within the facility. Further directions will be provided in an operating guide procedure in the next few days.

In Solidarity,

Israel Miranda

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Photos from the EMS Manhattan North Christmas Party


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Member Update

City Council - Committee on Fire and Criminal Justice Services

Int. No. 1383

By Council members Crowley, Levine and Deutsch

A Local Law to amend the administrative code of the city of New York, in relation to requiring New York city emergency responders to use appropriate bulletproof vests.

Be it enacted by the Council as follows:

Section 1. Chapter 1 of title 15 of the administrative code of the city of New York is amended by adding a new section 15-131 to read as follows:
15-131 Bulletproof vests. Where the department requires the use of bulletproof vests, such vests shall:
a. Be covered by their manufacturer's warranty
b. Have not been in use for more than five years
c. Have never been struck by any projectile from a firearm, or any similar projectile
d. Fit their user properly in such a manner that they provide the protection for which they were designed.
e. Meet the standard for ballistic resistance classification IIIA as determined by the national institute of justice or any successor national institute of justice standard; and
f. Not be damaged in any other way that would substantially affect performance;

2.This local law takes effect 6 months after it becomes a law.

In Solidarity,

Israel Miranda

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Now that the presidential election of 2016 is part of history, what should labor do?
…Build power and to organize in anti-union era. Both parties courted the working
class and divided us by nationality as well as documented and undocumented. Because organized union labor is down to 11.3% compared to 20.1% in 1983, it is my opinion that our power is limited.  We need to step up our organizing and push what ever party is in power to support union check off, rather than pushing anti-union measures like “Right to Work” laws which prohibit agreements between employers and labor unions.

Let us not forget that the working class is large and diverse, and class is a matter of
relationship and power, not a job title. To have a real analysis of class in the United States, we must examine six realities and trends that exist:

  1. wage shifts by occupation
  2. the shift from industrial to low paying service jobs
  3. rising education wage differentials
  4. the eroded minimum wage
  5. unemployment
  6. levels of household income

Never forget that class is not in a box that we fit based on our personal attributes, and not isolated and self-contained. We, as the working class, have the power once we understand that our diversity makes us a strong family that goes beyond skin color, place of birth, or religion. # working class matters.

The Working Class Majority: Americas Best- Kept Secret, Michael Zweig

The State of Working America 2004- 2005, Michael Bernstein and Allegretto, The
Economic Policy Institute

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Member Update

The upcoming suspension of our KVO policy due to the upcoming promotional exam is wrong. The local’s stance is that the Department had ample time to address this matter and should not punish members who are not taking the exam. We disagree with their position and continue to voice our discontent with EMS order # 60 supplemental 3 at labor relations. The Departments lack of preparation does not construe an emergency on our part.

We will keep you advised.

In Solidarity,

Israel Miranda

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