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President's Report

September 6, 2017


I met with Commissioner Nigro to discuss Ballistic Vests for the Public assembly crew. While this is a sensitive issue for the department we are hoping to reach an agreement in the coming weeks. With that being said, on August 25, I did a ride along with the night crew. I commend our FPI members for doing a dangerous job inspecting locations which may place them in harm's way and be dangerous to the public. Furthermore, 2016 was the first year in the FDNY FPI history were no deaths occurred on sites they inspected.

At our next month labor management meeting we will discuss vehicles and CPR training for our FPL


On June 23, 2017, I met with our attorneys to discuss the major issues our members face on a daily basis. We discussed work conditions, 10-99, 10-100, PTSD and 6 weeks non-chargeable paid maternity/paternity leave, the unbalanced discipline between us and our fire counterparts. PTSD, we see things on this job on a daily basis that most people aren't exposed to. The years of exposure to trauma, violence, abuse and death take a toll on each and every one of us, some more than others, some don1t even know they're experiencing PTSD, some may not have PTSD, it should be available though. Each one of us copes with PTSD in different ways. We want the option that a comprehensive PTSD program be made available to all our members at no cost. We know when a crew has experienced a traumatic incident, such as doing CPR on a baby, mass casualties, or any other event that may require intervention it should be available, our members shouldn't be told to go 98, a CISD ( critical incident stress debriefing) team should be activated for our members.

All of these issues deserve to be given to our members as a basic right of employment.

On July 25, I met with NYC Public advocate Letitia James to discuss the challenging work issues Local 2507 members face. Letitia James will work with our administration/staff and legislators to assist us in achieving these basic needs.

On August 7, 2017, The Executive Board met with our lobbyist Robert Ungar to discuss our intentions on moving the EMS Bill of Rights forward.

The Officers and Executive Board is proud to announce that the EMS BILLS of Rights language is being drafted, hopefully presented to legislators in the coming weeks.

Tablets -the department will begin distributing new tablets, starting with station 7, 38 and 43 by end of this month, citywide by years end.
New charging ports are being installed to our vehicles on a daily basis.

Yadira Arroyo -next court hearing is October 2, 2017, please talk with your coworkers, it's imperative we have a strong presence, we can't let this
incident fade away.

Mayor DeBlasio -Mike Greco and myself spoke to the Mayor on various issues, such as infrastructure/stations, staffing, additional resources and a
public awareness campaigns, educating the public on when to call 911.

The mayor has been an advocate with investing in EMS, in recent years many tour/lines have been added. The mayor was receptive to our issues. This
meeting was strictly to discuss our non-economic issues. Our next meeting is to address the wage inequality in our field.

Contract Committee -DC37 is preparing to start negotiations with the City. In the next few weeks, 2507 will start its own contract committee.
We will post times and dates for members participation.

Thank you,

Oren Barzilay

Be well and look out for each other.

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Vice President's Report


September 6, 2017

Step 1 hearings have begun again. Although we still have grievance's pending, the department is now allowing us to review the evidence right before the hearing. It's still not exactly where we want it to be but it's a step in the right direction that I am confident will lead to our ultimate goal of proper disclosure.

While on the subject of bits, we have had an increase in the amount of positive random drug tests. I want to remind everybody that we still have a zero-tolerance policy. I urge all members to be vigilant of your coworkers. If you or anyone you know is having a problem, reach out to this office or CCU. We have a lot of resources at our disposal.

Perry v. NYC.
I have reached out to the law firm. Currently there are motions on both sides. Our side is requested to find in our favor. The department is requesting it to be dismissed. The lawyers tell me this is common and will take some time but they expect both motions to be denied and trial dates to be set. No time frame given.

2507 and 3621 have had numerous meetings with not only The Kurland Group but councilmen around the city regarding pay equality. We have secured a lot of support for the next steps regarding litigation.

Michael Greco,
Vice President

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Member Update

Come and March with Members

In the
African American Day Parade

Sunday September 17th

at 8am

112 Street/Adam Clayton Jr. Blvd

Full Class A Uniform

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Member Update

Good Afternoon Everyone:

This has been a crazy 14 hours. I'm currently at the office. If anyone wants to talk call 718-371-0310. First off, we all understand the frustration and anger about this class starting on Monday. Last night we spent a lot of time trying to calm the people down. That seemed to be taken as "rolling over". Please don't misconstrue the two. This morning (when people were at work to answer calls) we spoke to D.C. 37( legal) as well as an outside law firm. To the letter of the law, D.C.A.S labeled the test correctly, as well as spelled out the requirements. They stated eligibility was :

1- holds a permanent title of EMT
They then stated the requirements at time of promotion.
1- a valid N.Y.S DOH EMT- Paramedic certification
2- a valid r.e.m.a.c. certificate

The fact that there was a misunderstanding, in that, you do not get promoted until graduation from the class, is not terms for an injunction or nullification of 7500.

We were also informed that since the Fire department placed the ‘Promotion to  Paramedic” in the employee bulletin they made an attempt to inform.

We are waiting for an outside law firm to either agree or disagree with this assessment of the application of law.

We are also in contact with the D.C.A.S branch of research and negotiations to inquire about the process to officially change the wording around to make it a more clear  and understanding as to how all EMT's need to file for this. These questions and answers need time. Something that is not on our side. If I can add a personal view to this. D.C.A.S testing is something we wanted for a long time. It was supposed to stop the nepotism and back room deals of who gets in to medic school. The issue of older members getting passed over for the younger ones has been a long standing problem. Now here we are, the first attempt was met with wrong information, no real understanding, and a lack of promoting the test. 7500 was for lack of a better term a prototype. 8502 is the improved model. Still not perfect but well on its way. Anyone who filed for 8502 did not waste their money. Starting in Jan seniority will mean something, and a new more fair generation of medic classes will be upon us. So I leave you with this: we are exhausting all possibilities to make right what went wrong a year ago. While we may not be successful we will concurrently address what is needed moving forward.

Oren Barzilay
President FDNY Local 2507
Office- 718-371-0310

Michael Greco 
Vice President FDNY local 2507
Office- 718-371-0310
Fax- 718-371-0318
Cell- 917-691-4693

Please note: a unauthorized draft version was posted in error earlier.

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You can see the photos on the Galleries Page

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Member Update

Members attending the EMS annual picnic tomorrow at Ft. Totten will be permitted to park on the base in one of three locations.

The parking lot across from building 325, student parking lots, and the street alongside Quartermaster.
Additionally you may park along the fence line across from the parade field, and down on the EVOC field.
Members need to show their ID at the guard booth for access to the base.

For family members and guests that will be attending:
If they are not accompanying the member, and will be arriving separately, they are instructed to park in the public lot before the entrance to Ft. Totten. They will be able to use the “pool shuttle” or can walk up the hill to the parade field where the picnic will be held.

Please do not park on any grass surfaces around the base.

Thank you for your cooperation and we hope to see you there.
The Officers and E-board of Local 2507

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Member Update

Our Brothers and Sisters of Station 14 need our help.

The Union has been informed that not many people have called to help.

They need coverage on Sunday and Monday to attend the wake and funeral of Paramedic Michael Scalfani.

Please call Station 14 at 718-665-1832

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Member Update

We Regret To Announce The Passing Of

Michael Scalfani
Station 14

Funeral Arrangements Are As Follows:


Coxe & Graziano Funeral Home
767 East Boston Post Road
Mamaroneck NY 10543
Sunday August 20, 2017
4pm till 8pm


Saint John & Paul Parish
280 Weaver St
Larchmont NY 10538
Monday, August 21, 2017 at 10AM

Cremation to follow

May our Brother Rest in Peace.

Members are needed for coverage on Station 14.

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