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President's Report

March 1, 2017

Upcoming Contractual Compensation: On March 6, 2017 all members of Local 2507 will receive a 3% increase to their annual salary. On September 6th of this year members will receive a 3.03% increase to their annual salary. On September 6, 2017 all members who have completed their third year will receive a new longevity of $1,171.00 annually for the rest of their career.
On September 6, 2017 all EMTs and Paramedics assigned to and working on Haz -Tac units will be entitled to the assignment differential. A 3% will be added to base salary for the first year of assignment, after one year of assignment a 6% will be added to base salary. Most Haz-Tac members have completed their first year of assignment.

Alternative Work Schedules: We have not heard of any negative feedback from management on its operational impact in the everyday services we provide in our 911 system. We have had many issues with payroll adapting to our 12-hour tours due to system programming and City Time. We have been working with payroll at the Fire Department, Office of Payroll Administration and Office of Labor Relations to correct many of these issues moving forward. We will be meeting on March 10, 2017 at the Office of Labor Relations to discuss expansion of the 12 Hour tour pilot program and also discuss the Active Shooter initiative by the City of New York and the Fire Department. We will keep you advised.

Legislation: Our Tier 6 Legislation, 25 and Out Pension Bill, Chapter 96 Bill and our NYCERS Bill are awaiting or have received bill numbers, and will be forwarded to the appropriate committees in Albany and the New York City Actuary’s office for a fiscal note if needed. We expect a press conference on the NYCERS Bill within the next couple of weeks.

EMS Graduation Ceremony: On February 8, 2017 our membership added 172 new EMT’s to the City’s 911 system. Congratulations to all our new brothers and sisters. A new class was sworn in earlier this month with approximately 180 new employees, which are currently in our Academy. In the last few years we have had significant growth in membership. The greater our numbers, the greater our union.

In Solidarity;

Israel Miranda

Vice President's Report March 2017

Vice President's Report


March 1, 2017

BITS: Social media has been a very hot topic at BITS. More and more of our members are finding themselves coming down to BITS because of social media postings. Recently two of our members made the newspaper because of their posting on social media. One of the members was on probation and almost lost their job. Please familiarize yourselves with the social media policy so that you don’t end up in BITS.

Station Issues: Members should be reaching out to their immediate station delegates to resolve any issues that there may be at your station. The delegate body is a strong group of members who volunteer to protect your rights as members.  Members are strongly advised to utilize them if you feel that issues are not being addressed. We have some great delegates in this local use them!

2017 Parking Placards: The distribution of the 2017 vehicle courtesy parking placs are to go through your station delegates for the first phase of distribution.  Members should not come to the union office to apply for a parking plac. Members are advised and reminded to follow all directions when filling out the parking plac application.  All members are to attach an updated registration and their FDNY ID. Members are also to provide their current parking plac number. If applications are not filled out properly, they will be returned to the delegate to be corrected by the member.


Joseph Conzo

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